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Recent content by Milo

  1. Milo

    [RM] AG Sun 475 - 509 TR2 [Approved]

    no DCs ggs :)
  2. Milo

    [A16] AG Sun 477 - 507 NRB [Approved]

    one DC from AG Ruscof ggs NRB
  3. Milo

    [A13] AG Sun 422 - 562 WEC [Approved]

    DC: WEC Dennis (DryBoneDunes) DC: AG Tiox (SunshineAirport) DC: AG Kanji (after Mount Wario, but he joined immediately back in the lobby) Ggs WEC 👌 good Job Bro‘s
  4. Milo

    [A14] In 0 - 150 AG Sun [Approved]

    Freewin - Insanity dropped the MKU
  5. Milo

    [AB10] AG Sun 461-524 S8 [Approved]

    One DC from Tiox in IceIce Outpost One DC from Nosnos in SunshineAirport Ggs S8 and good Performance from Prism 👌
  6. Milo

    [AB8] AG Sun 150 - 0 TU [Approved]

    TU dropped the saison
  7. Milo

    [A5] NRB 535 - 449 AG [Approved]

    Ggs guys 👌
  8. Milo

    [AB6] AG Sun 422 - 562 SZ X [Approved]

    First Race was SA (Sunshine Airport), but We became a Roomcrash and we changed the Host from AG, so there isn’t a Result. We start the War from new again. Sweatyzard X (Kiki) was alright with this desicion. Tiox has 3 DC‘s First: Second: Third: (but he came back in the lobby) Ggs SZ X
  9. Milo

    [A3] ιη 587 vs 397 AG Sun [Approved]

    Ggs Oozent = Dozent
  10. Milo

    [A4] AG Sun 365 - 619 OK [Approved]

    Wow Xylia, it wasn’t strong for Equivoke. We are wrong seedet this season. But Ggs to you Team OK and all teams before.
  11. Milo

    [A4] AG Sun 365 - 619 OK [Approved]

    No DC
  12. Milo

    [A1] AG Sun 422 - 562 Ex1 [Approved]

    No DC
  13. Milo

    [AB11] Alolan Guardians 492 - 492 Hardcore Noobs ✓

    Gg best ever. 😂
  14. Milo

    [AB8] サG 518 - 466 AG ✓

    Ggs HG
  15. Milo

    [A6] KA 433-551 GSC

    6v5 - 9 races XD