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  1. phonepup

    [B2] PoD 478 - 506 JPP ✓

    GG. Sorry that there were so many connection issues in the room
  2. phonepup

    An Update for Season 10

    it's great to see the format always evolving. thank you staff :3
  3. phonepup

    [B15] Aurora Borealis 490 - 379 Dynamite Omega [Approved]

    Wailtor is a god and checks his recently played with page. And then it is not difficult to know after looking at the play time
  4. phonepup

    [B14] ζten 428 - 556 AU [Approved]

    GG! Sorry for the dc's. Quick note. On the table we made, I scored 72 and Perishi scored 93.Probably not too important, but Peri deserves the point more
  5. phonepup

    [B3] AU2 530 - 454 Zten [Approved]

    you guys were really strong catching up with only 5 players! Hopefully it is more even for the next match. GG for the races I played (scored same as bot, lmao xD)
  6. phonepup

    [B4] Dynamite Omega 482 - 502 Aurora Borealis [Approved]

    gg! see you guys the next week we play :)
  7. phonepup

    [A15] YF 477 - 507 AU

    It is no problem at all(y)
  8. phonepup

    [A15] YF 477 - 507 AU

    I think rules state hosting team posts thread, but well done
  9. phonepup

    [Group A - R3] Aurora 669 - 315 Java Script Riders

    GG's! Glad to know that I still choke when it is important for me xD
  10. phonepup

    Division 2 - Standings & Fixtures

    good luck to everyone!
  11. phonepup

    [W4] AU 527 - 457 JPP

    go bros!!!
  12. phonepup

    [W2] YF 424 - 560 AU

    Well done, boys! See you in W7, YF :)
  13. phonepup

    [W1] AU 504 - 480 MTx

    Let's go!!!! <3
  14. phonepup

    [W10] BL 524- 460 Pm

    GG's, Pm! Suzuaru had a dc
  15. phonepup

    [W9] BL 538 - 446 BW

    GG's Bw! Good luck in your last match :)