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  1. luxstar

    [R6] ◯°。529 - 455 K

  2. luxstar

    Agility V

    Hi all :alien: I'm looking to write about the ongoing Agility V tournament — so I'd love to hear how it's gone for you and your team!:TheTman: If you want to drop some tables, crazy stories, or VODs in the replies below, it's greatly welcomed and appreciated :cool: You can also message me on...
  3. luxstar

    [AB6] NP 514 v 470 κω ✔

    Table + End screen Dc screen (Raikou was subbed for Melo)
  4. luxstar

    [AB5] NP 508 v 476 TL ✔

    Table + End screen Dc screens (BenFoolery DCs, Kori subs for Jojo)
  5. luxstar

    [B2] NP 588 v 314 TU ✔

    Table: DC screens and final results:
  6. luxstar

    [B1] NP 508 v 476 HR ✔

    Table: DC screens: