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  1. Jack

    [GF] 8va 2 - 0 WEC

    Grand Finals Grand Finals Reset GGs WEC, very intense wars. Congrats on a great run!
  2. Jack

    [LF] 8va 487 - 477 JPP

    JPP got a -20 penalty for not sending fc on time and accepting fcs after room is open. Sorry it had to end in a penalty, you guys played great. Congrats on a great run.
  3. Jack

    [LSF] 8va 530 - 454 ARC

    GGs, always a pleasure playing. Good luck in the future.
  4. Jack

    [WR3] 8va 549 - 435 DS〆

    ggs bros, well played
  5. Jack

    [WR2] 8va 574 - 410 APE

  6. Jack

    [QF Amateur] ept 469 - 515 DDD

    ggs, was a pleasure as always. you guys played great and deserved the dub. shoutout to the new hlorenzi feature it looks super cool on mkc
  7. Jack

    [Group C] ept 503 - 481 ЯR

    ggs, you guys played well. glad we were able to take a win though. good luck in the bracket.
  8. Jack

    [Group C] e&m 518 - 466 ept

    GGs, shame we had to play in less than ideal situation (Rookie DCs, Night travelling), but regardless you played very well and was a fun war despite the troubles. Good luck for next week!
  9. Jack

    Pokèmon Starter Tier List

    make a tier list time. have fun boys
  10. Jack

    [B10] δk 450 - 534 Dя [Approved]

    GGs Drift Riders, you were the better team this evening, and you played great. Deserving of that playoff spot for sure, congratulations and I wish you the best of luck! GGs to everybody I played this season as well, it was an adventure for sure. :smirk_cat:
  11. Jack

    [B8] δk 490 - 494 Mα [Approved]

    GGs Mα, you guys played well and it was a close war. Shame for us how it ended, but good luck next week and in the playoffs regardless!
  12. Jack

    [AB7] δk 450 - 534 KT [Approved]

    GGs KT! Well played, and good luck with the rest of your season. :smirk_cat:
  13. Jack

    [AB5] δk 521 - 463 WEC [Approved]

    GGs on behalf of qk. Insane war in terms of momentum swings.
  14. Jack

    [B2] δk 434 - 550 YF [Approved]

    GGs YF, good luck with the rest of the season. :TheBman:
  15. Jack


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  16. Jack

    [W4.1] δk 654 - 330 ΣQ

    GGs ΣQ. Keep working hard!
  17. Jack

    [B12] δk 493 - 491 BW ✓

    GGs BW. Sorry for room crash, my internet went completely out, including discord. came back 3 minutes later. Other than that, one of the most intense matches I have ever played.
  18. Jack

    [W3] δk 405 - 579 Hž

    GGs Hž, well played and GL in your future matches.
  19. Jack

    [AB9] δk 543 - 441 Mα Aria ✓

    GGs Mα. Good luck in your future matches!
  20. Jack

    [AB10] δk 496 - 488 V2 ✓

    ggs V2