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  1. 3UP

    [A2] Prevail 483 - 501 Alacrity

    Room DC'd at Race 12, cuz my net is bad close match, ggs
  2. 3UP

    [A2] Resistance 464 - 520 Initial D

    Trom's net decided to crap itself and Carty didn't show up, so we were forced to take a 5v6. We were somehow ahead until last GP, still can't believe we had a chance to take the win there and we had a lot fun that match. GGs
  3. 3UP

    [W10] Presto Brigade 458 - 526 Euphoria [Approved]

    Notes: Army played first 10 races, GingaNinja subbed in for the last two Gecko DC'd first race with 1 point GGs, congrats on getting 2nd in the league.
  4. 3UP

    [W9] Presto Brigade 508 - 476 Latitude [Approved]

    Notes: Violin played first 2 races, Joshua played last 9 BARN DC'd with 55 points GGs
  5. 3UP

    [W6] Presto Brigade 451 - 533 Anatexis [Approved]

    Notes: Army played first 11 races with 56 Trom played last race with 1 GGs!
  6. 3UP

    [W3] Presto Brigade 499-485 DOG [Approved]

    Notes: Room DC'd on Race 6, so 5 races before DC, 7 races after Theo DC'd with 29 points GGs!
  7. 3UP

    [W2] Presto Brigade 604-380 Project Andromeda [Approved]

    Note: Joel DC'd with 18 points GGs
  8. 3UP


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