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  1. Jack

    [GF] 8va 2 - 0 WEC

    Grand Finals Grand Finals Reset GGs WEC, very intense wars. Congrats on a great run!
  2. Jack

    [LF] 8va 487 - 477 JPP

    JPP got a -20 penalty for not sending fc on time and accepting fcs after room is open. Sorry it had to end in a penalty, you guys played great. Congrats on a great run.
  3. Jack

    [LSF] 8va 530 - 454 ARC

    GGs, always a pleasure playing. Good luck in the future.
  4. Jack

    [WR3] 8va 549 - 435 DS〆

    ggs bros, well played
  5. Jack

    [WR2] 8va 574 - 410 APE

  6. Jack

    [MKU-DX] Rules Suggestions Thread

    you're bored
  7. Jack

    [Finals] モメ 2 - 0 TR ✓

    congratulations exodus im a big fan well deserved banner guys
  8. Jack

    Mario Kart Hot Takes

  9. Jack

    MK8DX MKCentral 3v3 FFA #3 | August 29th, 2020

    Advancing: 84. Centels | TT Centels | 5302-5326-1142 | Centels#6999 + Davimen | TT Davimen | 6353-0602-7525 | Davimen#0376 + Sheik | TT★Sheik | 7004-7167-0044 | Sheik#9039 91. Jack | Rich Jack | 8074-7724-3513 | Jack#0102 + Ben | Rich Ben | 4798-8476-0582 | Benjyc#7497 + Rylan | RichChigga |...
  10. Jack

    [MKU-DX] Season 11 Preliminary Seedings

    I mentioned this on the last Prelim thread but I feel like it needs to be said again (and highlighted) again more than ever. Are we going to really sit here and talk about teams we're not apart of, and calling them out to move down? You are not apart of these teams, you don't know all their...
  11. Jack

    [QF Amateur] ept 469 - 515 DDD

    ggs, was a pleasure as always. you guys played great and deserved the dub. shoutout to the new hlorenzi feature it looks super cool on mkc
  12. Jack

    Which pill do you choose?

    blue pill lmao so many people will get tilted at me
  13. Jack

    [Group C] ept 503 - 481 ЯR

    ggs, you guys played well. glad we were able to take a win though. good luck in the bracket.
  14. Jack

    Mario Kart Hot Takes

    because it's the circus and we'd like to recruit you
  15. Jack

    Mario Kart Hot Takes

  16. Jack

    [Group C] e&m 518 - 466 ept

  17. Jack

    About Division Restricted wars

    I appreciate the response, there's no doubt that it was a flawed idea. I was just trying my best to throw ideas out I suppose. I think a mentality change is needed though.
  18. Jack

    About Division Restricted wars

    now that we've established that it's a problem from all the posts above (Felix, Nato, Ferg, and Kay) who all bring up interesting points, i think it'd be a good idea to now throw out ideas on this thread to fix it, because this affects every team in a negative way one way or the other. I'm...