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  1. Gzuz07

    [Silver LR4] The Savage Forwards 523-461 Dark Souls Team

    Titan dced in race 8 and was replace by sorriso in race 9 Also Chockek dc'ed in race 10 Final Sreen Ggs DST :3
  2. Gzuz07

    [AB6] τšƒ 524 - 460 Pм ✔️

    There were no Dc's GGs Pm
  3. Gzuz07

    The Savage Forwards 375-281 American Gungslingers 2

    Final table Final screen Ristsu Dc Ggs AGs
  4. Gzuz07

    [Group F] The Savage Forwards 361-295 Itollani

    Table Aranda played the first race then he was subbed by Heroe Heroe Dc Mizogeno Dc Final screen Ggs ITW