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  1. DeltaNA


    Local dumbass who got banned from NSO Im not sure how much ill add or update here, so it'll be a surprise for everyone Basic Info Alias: Delta (formerly Captain/Del) Age: 18 Birthday: August 10th (Same as MKC's :^)) Location: (flag:US) (Maryland) IRL Name: David Discord: Delta#0008 Twitter...
  2. DeltaNA

    [A10] DY2 235-233 MWh

    Ozo broke the game gg
  3. DeltaNA

    [A9] DY2 260-208 AEh

    Did not play but i'll say ggs anyway :TheTman:
  4. DeltaNA

    MKU-DX Season 13 Predictions

    im kinda retarded ngl This is my idea and nobody else's If you dont get the point of this thread you probably will in a few hours
  5. DeltaNA

    MKU-DX Season 12 Predictions

    (How much do I need to pay for toad to be an mkc/mku emote) DIVISION 1 Conference A World Friend Star The Baltimore Basculin Jean-Pierre Pernaut Dynamite Alpha Conference B Requiem High Definition Arcadia Sky World Friend Moon DIVISION 2 Conference A Sadistisk obalans u-sväng långsam Banana...
  6. DeltaNA

    MKU-DX Season 11 predictions (but actually)

    4 in a row lfg Division 1 Conference A World Friend Star High Definition NOVÆ Jean Pierre Pernaut Conference B Requiem The Baltimore Basculin Arcadia Sky Nferno Blaze Division 2 Conference A Star Clan Nebula Euphorya Osiris World Friend Moon Inkling Feet Conference B Banana Legion Mushroom...
  7. DeltaNA

    [Group A] Rickrollers 541-423 Streets Agents 1:12

    Glooba repicked rMP race 12
  8. DeltaNA

    MKU-DX Season 10 Predictions

    ty for reminding me I also just realized im doing this for the 3rd season in a row:TheTman: Division 1 Conference A Cloutissimo X Green Mario Requiem Star Clan Nebula World Friend Star Conference B Arcadia Sky Euphorya Anubis High Definition Prestige Division 2 Conference A Arcadia Terra...
  9. DeltaNA

    [D2/D3] ıF 2-0 WEC

    iF staff didnt want to make thread lol Game 1 Game 2
  10. DeltaNA

    MKU-DX Season 9 Predictions

    You know how this works by now... Division 1 Conference A Euphorya Anubis Jean-Pierre Pernaut Prestige Requiem Rozando la Katastrofe Star Clan Conference B Arcadia Sky Blizzard High Definition Mushroom Team Mind Vertex World Friend Star Division 2 Conference A Arcadia Terra Banana Legion...
  11. DeltaNA

    MKU-DX Season 8 Predictions

    Division 1 Conference A Divine Phoenix Arcadia Sky World Friend Star Euphorya Anubis Aurora Australis Mushroom Team Galaxy Conference B Vertex Team JBZZ Rozando la Katastrofe High Definition Blizzard Ink Dragons Division 2 Conference A Star Clan Dynamite Alpha Jean-Pierre Pernaut World Friend...
  12. DeltaNA

    [W3] DY 524-460 VR

    GGs VR, see you Week 8 No DCs