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  1. Aplex

    [Group A] - Edgeworth Law Offices 150 - 0 Excalibur

    Bowen's team was unable to play on Friday and wanted to reschedule for today. However, they aren't 6 for today either so we will have to take the free win unfortunately.
  2. Aplex

    [A] IS-7 541 - 443 TSM

    - Room was started with 5v6, Haupi joined for race 2 ggs, thank you for playing and gl for your other two group stage matches
  3. Aplex

    [B15] - Wii Elite Clan 495 - 489 Pirates of Duisburg ✓

    ggs PoD, see you in playoffs next week (again)
  4. Aplex

    [AB9] WEC 531 - 453 YF2 ✓

    Messy war, took almost as long as my mkps war yesterday (jk mkw wars take 1.5 hours). Notes: - My controller decided to run out of battery before the start of the first race, so I had to resort to the highly optimal Nintendo Gamecube™ controller (I was host, whoops), as I was unable to obtain...
  5. Aplex

    [B2] WEC 471 - 513 δk ✓

    ggs Equivoke, you deserved the win tonight. Good luck for your future matches and I'll be looking forward to our next match.
  6. Aplex

    [AB6] ID 513 - 471 WEC ✓

    Notes: diego dc'ed inbetween two races and missed the consecutive race (dNBC, cf. screenshots below). His bot got 12th, hence he got +1 Ink Dragons were the hosting team and failed to honor Rule 3.4i), in particular they did not post the thread by Sunday midnight EST. The results of the match...