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    Division 11 : Standings and Fixtures

    Standings Fixtures Individuals Top 30
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    [MKU-DX] Season 13 Confirmation

    TO SIGN UP FOR MKU S13, CLICK HERE We're back once again for another season of MKU! Season 13 Confirmations are now open, and will be open until January 31st. As always, confirmation is done on the MKC Tournament Listing. Only team leaders/managers can sign their team up for the season. This...
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    Division 1 - Standings & Fixtures

    Standings Fixtures Indivs
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    MK8DX Agility V - October 17,18,24,25

    Tournament Signup Page Bracket | Amateur Bracket Player Transfer Deadline: October 16, 2020, 23:59:59 UTC Discord React to the role in #tournament-roles for match organization Information Agility V is a tournament running through two weekends that follows a double-elimination format. There...
  5. Athaway

    [Finals] NR 2-1 Re

    Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Yui pfp buff went in, but piti mii was more powerful GGs Re for a banger, hope to see you guys do well in D2 next season hopefully
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    [SF] NR 2-0 HD

    Game 1 I dc'd on rPPS with 75 Game 2 Lee dc'd race 1 Jamie dc'd race 8
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    [B10] NR 492-492 mw [Approved]

    Origin dc'd race 9 with 54, bot played race 10, got last. I played last 2 races
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    [B9] VA 405-579 NR [Approved]

    Sigma dc'd race 10 with 77
  9. Athaway

    [AB7] NR 541-443 Re [Approved]

    NR doing NR things. GGs Re, hope to meet yall in finals if we can get to that point
  10. Athaway

    [B8] NR 526-458 YF [Approved]

  11. Athaway

    [AB5] NR 547-437 ARC [Approved]

    Sigma dc'd race 5 and 8 Play dc'd race 9
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    [AB4] HD 466-518 NR [Approved]

  13. Athaway

    [B3] mw 473-511 NR [Approved]

  14. Athaway

    [B1] YF 467-517 NR [Approved]

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    [B2] NR 542-442 VA [Approved]

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    Division 1 - Standings & Fixtures

    Standings Fixtures Indivs
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    [MKU-DX] Season 10 Banners

    Banners are finally here! Thanks to @Savannah for making those amazing looking banners! Once again, congrats to every team who won their division this season! Thanks to everyone who played this season, we hope you enjoyed it!
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    Group B - Standings and Fixtures

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    MK8DX Double Down | July 18th - August 1st

    Tournament Signup Page | Brackets Player Transfer Deadline: July 17th 2020, 11:59PM UTC Discord React to the role in #tournaments-roles for match organization. Information Double Down is a tournament that runs through three Saturdays and two Sundays. The format will be a group phase into a...
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    [AB4] Re; 499-485 HD [Approved]

    Sigma dc'd race 7 with 24