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  1. TSM8

    200L Season 6(?) Predictions

    I was peer pressured D1 Conference A 1st Ukuhlanganiswa kwamakati e-pitis 2nd Rated R 3rd Next Z 4th Arcadia Caturday Conference B 1st My one 2nd Encore 3rd Nana Farm 4th Diabolos D2 Conference A 1st Zver 2nd The Wolfpack 3rd Royal Academy 4th Freeze Conference B 1st Knights of Cydonia 2nd...
  2. TSM8

    [SF-A2] Grape 565 - 419 GEN

  3. TSM8

    [A1] Grape 512 - 472 a

  4. TSM8

    [B10] Noir 539 - 445 TT ✔

    Race 2 Shulky/Bork DC GGs everyone this season :)
  5. TSM8

    MK8DX Velocity | April 18, 2021 - May 1, 2021

    274 Noir 150 - Fatal Aces Shame we couldn’t play I hope you have a nice day at the park
  6. TSM8

    [W10] UPR 517 - 467 ICT2 ✓

    Fucked if I know mate
  7. TSM8

    [W10] jacob 536 - 448 En

    When the impostor is sus Greg tag pen btw There was a dc
  8. TSM8

    [W9] jacob 543 - 441 FRZ

    Make sure to tell someone you love them today Table took way too fucking long there was like 3 dc’s an rq and some other shit I would be here 50 years getting the screenshots table should have all needed info I should be trusted enough by now to not fuck with the indivs_DX
  9. TSM8

    [W8] jacob 488 - 486 NANA

    GGs lads, always a pleasure!
  10. TSM8

    [W7] jacob 150-0 Ma

    We just wanna use Benjax and Matus man :sad: But yeah not really Ma's fault honestly every other tournament doesn't change the time for the matches but this one does, no idea why, #IHateAmericans.
  11. TSM8

    [W5] UPR 602 - 380 ict2 ✓

  12. TSM8

    [W3] UPR 505 - 479 En ✓

    Bungus BuhChungus BingusMcChingus GeorgeNotFound My dad drives a Lambo your dad drives a Fiat 500
  13. TSM8

    [W2] UPR 499 - 485 R★ ✓

    GGs Lads! Put the L in Got Levine The Money
  14. TSM8

    [W1] Uprising 508 - 476 next N ✓

    GGs lads! Italic DC’d during R5 and couldn’t join back for the rest of the war, every race after MC was played 5v6