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  1. Moly

    MK8DX MKCentral Frontier - 7/31-8/21

    Win vs. Unitedbros Nivek DC in dCL
  2. Moly

    MK8DX MKCentral Frontier - 7/31-8/21

    Free win vs Hyrule Karts. Proof:
  3. Moly

    [AB7] C★ 517- 467 ARC

    Table Final pic DC's GG's Arcadia! We hope see you in playoffs!
  4. Moly

    [AB5] C★ 506 - 478 モメ

    Table Final pic Aure get dcd in rCCB with 49pts It was a very complicated war for us. Exodus is a strong team that has destroyed our game in a question of seconds. If exodus get more lucky with the tracks, we might have lost. It was a pleasure playing against you guys! GGs.
  5. Moly

    [AB4] C♪ 508 - 476 Ř★ ✓

    Table Last pic DC's. - Kenny got dcd.
  6. Moly

    [AB4] BW 462 - 522 C★

    Table Final Pic Poru get d/c at race 11. GG's BW. Nos vemos en playoffs
  7. Moly

    [B3] 450 ΛD - C★ 534

    Table Final pic: Sebas d/c with 69. GG's After Dark and thanks for playing.
  8. Moly

    [B8] D 495 - 469 X ✓

    Table Final: Race 11th: Proof that race 12th counts: Fénix Z repick Wario Estadium. I dont care if anyones belive me or not. You can go to Jan's stream to see it. war starts at 1.09 Comments: I would like to say that I have enjoyed playing againts...