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    Can I Play Mario Kart Tour On My Laptop?

    yeah just download bluestacks ( and download mktour on it in the google play store
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    [AB5] ❅ 236 - 232 SW

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    Division 1 Standings & Fixtures

    Division 1 ~ Heart ~ Standings Fixtures Individual Standings If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me (@LITTEA#3185) on Discord or any staff member in the Division 1 channel in the Discord server. Good luck to everyone, and let's enjoy ourselves this season!
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    Season 9 Final Seedings

    CWL Staff present the final seedings for season 8! Division threads, including standings and match schedules, will be posted later today/tomorrow. If you are a team leader/representative and you are not in the CWL server, join here. Good luck to all teams this season ! S/o @Trxsh.
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    Season 9 Preliminary Seedings

    The placements and seedings listed below are the staff's opinions based on a CWL staff meeting. These seedings have been difficult to create due to the narrow skill gap within divisions and the large amount of new teams to the league this season. That being said, these seedings are not final and...
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    MK Clan curses

    LV choked a 50 point lead with 2 races left to start a 6 war losing streak. Went from 3-0 to 4-6
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    Season 9 Confirmations

    Register: Clan War League Season 9 We're back with CWL Season 9! Registrations are now open until September 4th, 2022 and can be done through MKCentral's Tournaments page. CWL will be running the same format as the previous season. Teams will be grouped into divisions of eight (8) and further...
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    [A2] LV 535 - 449 RS ✓

    Nide dc'd race 8 Race 9 was played with 11 players William joined race 10
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    [A1] Ly 450 - 534 LV ✓

    Room crashed Race 2 Juan subbed in for Raised race 4 LITTEA and jm dc'd race 9 GGs Ly!
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    MKTour Cyclone II: April 30th - May 15th

    Silver Bracket 17
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    MKTour Cyclone II: April 30th - May 15th

    Silver Bracket Match 9
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    MKTour Cyclone II: April 30th - May 15th

    Gold Bracket 9th
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    MKTour Cyclone II: April 30th - May 15th

    Silver Bracket 7