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  1. Mark

    [B8] Ð¥ 515 - 469 ム∞ (🐧)

    English comment coming through.
  2. Mark

    [F] Хs 2 - 0 AxeLL

    Dubs only.
  3. Mark

    Division 4 - Standings & Fixtures

    Good luck everyone. :ShyPraise:
  4. Mark

    [WR1] Х 493-491 MT1

    GGs MT.
  5. Mark

    Х 588-396 TT

    Results pic. GGs.
  6. Mark

    Ð¥ 569 - 415 βοβ

    Results pic: GGs βοβ.
  7. Mark

    [F] ζten 2 - 0 Boo Bombs

    A welcoming surprise to log in to. Fair play to BoB coming this far. Stoked for Zten to finally get a title though congratulations. (y)
  8. Mark

    [SF] Yoshi Family Galaxy 2 - 0 Dynamite Omega ✓

    Proud of my team for even getting this far and be able to participate in play offs. Well done YF. You guys deserved the wins for sure. Best of luck in the Finals!
  9. Mark

    [A2] Dynamite Alpha 510 - 474 Jean-Pierre Pernaut ✓

    Shoutouts to Baby Park.
  10. Mark

    6v6 d7-d10 : Why the trend of division restricted wars needs to stop.

    To add a little bit of my perspective into this thread. I started Dynamite back in the MK7 era where Division limits were almost non-existent. clans just wanted to play wars and usually did not care about the skill gaps. I had a goal in mind with DY to one day become ''one of the best western...
  11. Mark

    [Finals] Dynamite Alpha 2 - 1 World Friend Moon

    You kinda mentioned 5 names there and forgot Del.
  12. Mark

    [AB4] Dynamite Alpha 515 - 469 Inking Feet

    Basically Leon and Varo all war. GGs.
  13. Mark

    [B1] Dynamite Alpha 499 - 485 Mushroom Team Mind

    The only time i will approve of SSC. GGs MT.
  14. Mark

    [MKU-DX] Season 11 Preliminary Seedings

    I can vouch for Battle Brigade that they easily should be D6 at the very least. Been in their chat since the day the team got created and i see every single war result of their teams. they would dominate in D7. Especially with the likes of Tommy, Erik, Jev and a few other strong players i have...
  15. Mark

    [MKU-DX] Season 11 Preliminary Seedings

    Knowing how difficult it has been with so many new teams signing up or teams with huge transfers. for Pre-lim standards these look great already. Pumped for the season to start.
  16. Mark

    MK8DX Double Down | July 18th - August 1st

    Alfie dced. GGs mw.
  17. Mark

    [W2] PNX 231 - 237 Х

  18. Mark

    [W3] TL 590-394 BB

    Whoever drafted Sam for Fantasy League is a happy man.