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Search results

  1. Nato

    [B4] [MT] 498 - 486 vx ✓

  2. Nato

    [A3] Euphorya 519 - 465 «★» ✓

    The people that beat prestige dont even talk shit, yet everyone sitting on the sidelines feels the need to talk the most? Should be the opposite, its hype when teams have a rivalry but theres no rivalry its just someone fishing for likes every week prestige loses and then Lezard comments for no...
  3. Nato

    [W2] Kartvengers Team 445 - 539 Kev03's Gamers [Approved]

    Top 3 scores all play in our mkc smash tournies... not a coincidence a ZSS main mvpd too Matus I think the people deserve to see this
  4. Nato

    [A3] Euphorya 519 - 465 «★» ✓

    Ken actually hasnt sucked since patch 4.0, and with patch 7.0 hes pretty busted.
  5. Nato

    [A4] JPP 466 - 518 Sc ✓

    Ferg (flag:JP)
  6. Nato

    MKC Ultimate Tourney Update Thread

    Our last two tournaments!
  7. Nato

    Asuna's Bistro

    nice watermelon in teriyaki sauce
  8. Nato

    [A2] JPP 503 - 481 Prestige ✓

    is this supposed to be a prestige roast or a jpp congrats i actually don't know
  9. Nato

    [A2] JPP 503 - 481 Prestige ✓

    Y'all mad fake wtf Last year when we won agility over Z everyone gave them shit for losing then the weekend after we lost to Z and everyone hopped on the Z train Prestige getting the same treatment that we did and its actually annoying to see, its literally week 1 (Big Prestige Fan btw)
  10. Nato

    Alternate Accounts on MKCentral

    For some reason this is becoming an issue again, so I want to remind you all to not make new accounts if you forgot your email or password, and to instead message a moderator who can just reset your account details for you.
  11. Nato

    MKU-DX Season 9 Predictions

    Division 1 Conference A 1st Prestige 2nd Euphorya Anubis W Star Clan Don't think Prestige has much of a challenge for the Conference phase, shouldn't drop a game honestly. Euphorya is a solid 2nd pick having a good Amplify. Star Clan bigger sleeper pick imo think they'll make it through (but...
  12. Nato

    MKC Team Rankings

    V4 Updated
  13. Nato

    MKC Ultimate Tourney Update Thread

    https://smash.gg/tournament/mkc-ultimate-19/events/singles/brackets/734967/1182695 https://smash.gg/tournament/mkc-ultimate-19/events/singles/brackets/734969/1182700
  14. Nato

    Cynda's Hub

    its a good pic LMAO
  15. Nato

    MKC Ultimate Tourney Update Thread

    MKC Ultimate 16 Results We're hosting a tournament tomorrow night at 7pm EST which you can find by joining the server here
  16. Nato

    Total Drama Tier List

    At least you agree Ezekiel and LEONARD just suck LOL most randy people
  17. Nato

    Total Drama Tier List

    Only the real ones have watched the series but its time to be extremely judgemental on who you like... (Even more than my Gen 4 hate @Rookie ) You can make your tier list here Here's mine (I only did the original cast because like anything after season 3???)
  18. Nato

    Cynda's Hub

    thats lowkey epic
  19. Nato


    I'm late but Sword/Shield have been completed and the Dex as well. Gen 8 is good and I think it's a really good step in the right direction. Also.... Hop ISN'T BAD... gonna need the haters to back off of my boy
  20. Nato

    MKC Ultimate Tourney Update Thread

    Hey guys, first post has been updated with our latest tourney that's happening this Saturday! We'll be hosting both Singles and Doubles with prizes for top 3 for both events! You can find all details in the main post as well as the link to join our discord server!