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  1. Jazzy

    im looking for a team

    Best place to look is the MKCentral Discord Server. Go to #looking-for-team and mention that you're new and looking for a team. It may take some time, but with enough patience I'm sure you'll find somewhere.
  2. Jazzy

    Try joining the MKCentral Discord server (linked on the homepage) and post in #looking-for-team

    Try joining the MKCentral Discord server (linked on the homepage) and post in #looking-for-team
  3. Jazzy

    Amplify V Banners

    Hi everyone, We'd like to thank all who participated in Amplify V for their support and helping us run the biggest Amplify tournament yet! This year we saw a record 40 teams compete for the top prize. Of course, only one would win, so congratulations to Prestige for taking home the...
  4. Jazzy

    [R1] 8va 469 - 515 EQ

    Ghoul subbed for Geo after 2 races, Geo scored 4. Room crash after race 4 (DKJ)
  5. Jazzy

    [R4] DY2 615 - 369 8va

    Gucci +96, Politics +12
  6. Jazzy

    [R2] Sz 577 - 254 KVT

    After conversation with DRose, we have come to the conclusion that Stark is an unregistered player for KVT. Stark's 53 points will be removed an additional 100 point penalty will be applied to KVT. The final score is Sz 577 - 254 KVT.
  7. Jazzy

    [R2] NRB 571 - 413 8va

  8. Jazzy

    Holiday Supporter Discount and Free Name Changes

    Hi everyone, Here at MKCentral we aim to provide you with fun tournaments and events and provide a great community to be a part of. To fund our site, we offer the Site Supporter feature year-round which gives features such as no ads, registry color customization, increased signature limits on...
  9. Jazzy

    Amplify V - January 4 - 18, 2020

    Amplify V Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Team Tournament Official Website Discord Welcome to Amplify V! Amplify V is the fifth edition of the popular Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament, Amplify. Amplify is a team event, where teams compete 6-versus-6 in 12-race matches. This season's tournament starts on...
  10. Jazzy

    Jazzy's Lounge

    Made some new, original music last night! Feel free to give it a listen :)
  11. Jazzy

    Rank Your Favorite Mario Games!

    Other games i havent played
  12. Jazzy

    post mk8 images seconds from disaster

    Nah it ended up being a top 5 for wf
  13. Jazzy

    Game2Give Online 3-Day Charity FFA (November 15-17, 2019)

    About JDRF & Game2Give JDRF is a world leader in Type 1 Diabetes research. From November 12 to 18, they are running a donation campaign, Game2Give, in which Twitch streamers stream games as a fundraiser for JDRF. The entire schedule is available here. Mario Kart Central, in collaboration with...
  14. Jazzy

    MK8 Track Tier List Maker

    Not ordered within tiers
  15. Jazzy

    Solo Circuit Event 5 [150cc] - October 26, 2019

    @Alex_ you should do so yourself by clicking "Withdraw" on the event/tournament page
  16. Jazzy

    Solo Circuit Event 5 [150cc] - October 26, 2019

    @Scrat you may withdraw on the event/tournament page
  17. Jazzy

    Mario Kart Hot Takes

    edit, another one:
  18. Jazzy


  19. Jazzy

    Registry Design Updates and New Supporter Features

    Hi everyone, today we've launched some changes to the MKCentral Registry. Not only have the colors been adjusted to look a bit darker and more sleek, but we've revamped the display of player and team profiles to be more modern. Additionally, we're introducing two new features for those who have...
  20. Jazzy

    Jazzy's Lounge

    Placed 4th in MKC's first ever SMK Tournament! GGs to all those that played, had an awesome time! Missed out on a podium finish but still really happy with my bracket run.