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Search results

  1. Hollend

    [A16] YF 414 - 570 Bz

    GGs We didn't avoid the 0-16 :cry:
  2. Hollend

    [A15] YF 477 - 507 AU

    GGs notes: _Ti_C played 2 first races, then Kemboy joined and dced race 3(rGV) and 4(DS) (so +3 for him) _Alexxx dced on DS with 31pts
  3. Hollend


    Hi it's Hollend, I'm 19 year old and I love MK since I'm 10. I joined the community on mk8u in 2015 and I made some good friends since :) Swift <3 Pokeprout Iwazo Custa Damon Lion Ti_C YF Loïc Pillou Said Indigo Huglou Mars Sparks Yugo Alexxx Since I came in the mk8dx community, I've been in...