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  1. RG Ivanbik

    [AB5] AXE 490-494 IXI

  2. RG Ivanbik

    [W10] RG 150 - 0 LN

    LN did not show up
  3. RG Ivanbik

    [W7] RG 342 - 340 GMK

  4. RG Ivanbik

    [W5] AT 503 - 481 RG

    GGs AT
  5. RG Ivanbik

    [W5] RG 465 - 519 LN

    RG pkays the 3 fisrt races whit a bot, then enter pepoit and fell his conexon in the 7 race For part of LN, Matam fell his conexion in the first race and Dani in the 8 race
  6. RG Ivanbik

    [W4] RG 435 - 549 NRB

    GGs NRB
  7. RG Ivanbik

    [W1] RG 481 - 503 GMK

  8. RG Ivanbik

    {W2] RG 446-518 GMK

    Se me olvidó ese detalle, tendremos más cuidado la próxima vez
  9. RG Ivanbik

    {W2] RG 446-518 GMK

    We do a Repick in the 8º race GGs to GMK
  10. RG Ivanbik

    [Liga Española - SNL Season 5] Hilo de Confirmación

    RG confirma su participación Ivanbik#3332 RG Diego#2363 CDR#2028
  11. RG Ivanbik

    [W1] RG 552 - 432 IW

    Dann and Kenobi dropped his conexion
  12. RG Ivanbik

    [MKU-DX] Season 6 Seedings

    Thanks, thanks for laughing on our face, seriously thanks
  13. RG Ivanbik

    [MKU-DX] Season 6 Confirmation Thread

    Road Gods confirm our participation Contacts: Ivanbik#3332 RG Diego#2363 CDR#2028
  14. RG Ivanbik

    [W2] Road Gods 509 - 475 Mandarina de Schrödinger [Approved]

    GGs MS, was a hard-fought war and thanks to yellowfish for the help with the table
  15. RG Ivanbik

    [SNL Season 4] Hilo de Confirmación

    Road Gods confirma su participación Representantes: RG Ivanbik#3332 Ekaabii#7440