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  1. Suricat

    [MKU-DX] Season 22 Preliminary Seedings

    vs good LU d5 without riskin polo and looper without riskin and looper
  2. Suricat

    [MKU-DX] Season 22 Preliminary Seedings

    Hey, I'm the leader of RR Goinfrex and we think D6 is too low for us. Most of us were inactive this summer so we never played with a "MKU" lineup (even the paradigm). We would like to go in D5. Here are some recent tabs against team between D3 and D5. kizaru is nemen vs MT mix vs MT mix...
  3. Suricat

    [AB4] YF 488 - 494 RR (🐧)

    ggs very close match Raysen dc map 2 Floo dc map 7 Ti-C sub Floo map 9
  4. Suricat

    [B1] 5Ð◇ 473 - 511 RR (🐧)

    No dc was close and fun ggs
  5. Suricat

    [A9] RR 150 - 0 Lu ✓

    Nice win was fun no dc
  6. Suricat

    [AB 7] RR 519 - 465 CUZ ✓

    no dc was fun ggs CUZ (sorry for the flags)
  7. Suricat

    [AB6] RR 493 - 491 SF ✓

    GGs very close war Hadès dc
  8. Suricat

    [AB5] RR 526 - 458 JPP ✓

    GGs good war Hadès dc twice and future one dc
  9. Suricat

    [A1] RR 522 - 462 HTF ✓

    No dc Was a good War ggs
  10. Suricat

    [LR2] RR 524 - 460 ¤ ✓

    First map in 5v6 Nice war GGs Panorangers !
  11. Suricat

    [A2] RR 536 - 428 Xy ✔

    -ggs Xylem ! repeat Xy last map (dAC) so they have a penalty
  12. Suricat

    [A1] RR 502 - 482 WEC ✔

    - ggs WEC, was cool and close - no dc - tab :
  13. Suricat

    [MKU-DX] Season 15 Preliminary Seedings

    Hi, I'm from Ronrons Ronflex. Thx for your work on the organisation of this season ! After this seeding, we think we have the level to play in D3 next season. I would like to show you some tabs because we really would like to play in this division. Moreover, we never played with our "best LU"...