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  1. joel


  2. joel

    Cynda's Hub

    I am just seeing this now but that picture of Nanako has to be the most cursed thing I have ever seen
  3. joel


    Can I get a 500 word essay as to why Luv is Rage 2 isn't in your favorite albums list
  4. joel


  5. joel


  6. joel


    Shinobu god character
  7. joel


    13-3 baby
  8. joel

    Game2Give Online 3-Day Charity FFA (November 15-17, 2019)

    Advancing: Room 7 - 8:00 PM EST 73. Rookie | Rookie | 3004-7384-3725 | Rookie#4729 87. Marc | marc | 3558-2134-8704 | marc#8322 74. Darren | Darren | 1702-1733-1522 | Darren#3047 80. Impo | Impo | 5807-5278-3005 | Impo#6315 94. Kyret | ph Kyret | 7416-1385-2609 | Kyret#7187 61. Mike B | Mike |...
  9. joel

    Mario Kart Hot Takes

    Miis with ninja masks mean that person is elite no questions.
  10. joel

    what is your favourite anime?

    Monogatari Series
  11. joel

    I heard you're a Palu main

    I heard you're a Palu main
  12. joel

    Hey :)

    Hey :)
  13. joel

    peen scrims (zinc and vantox)

    Can i join the PEEN SCRIM?
  14. joel

    Hey :)

    Hey :)
  15. joel


    Make a CTR area would be epic ty
  16. joel

    My Dream Team.

    JaDen Haseo Kingdog Fzrg Cloud Versace
  17. joel

    Embrace The Change | UK MK8DX LAN Tournament

    @Thanos wanna go?
  18. joel

    Favorite School Days Characters

    Hey guys, as you all know School Days is one of, if not my favorite anime. I have an emotional connection with multiple characters in the show, but my favorite hands down is Makoto Itou. His level of charm is out of this world (not to mention he reminds me a lot of myself.) So I was just curious...
  19. joel

    MKU Players Tier List V1