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Search results

  1. Royal

    FINALS D2 WF Moon 2 - 0 DY Alpha

    I tried to post a caption so it would make sense but it’s fine rly it’s fine
  2. Royal

    MKU-DX Season 9 Playoff Predictions

    wf 2 - 0 hd mvp: swift both times wf 2 - 1 dy mvp: starlow all 3 times
  3. Royal

    Mario Kart Hot Takes

    the game is only genuinely enjoyable if you're playing 6v6 with your friends
  4. Royal

    [SF] ARC 1 - 2 DY

    may the most benevolent of gentlemen win
  5. Royal

    Post your favorite lounge result

    fun game
  6. Royal

    Post your favorite lounge result

    the pleasure is ours
  7. Royal

    [LQF - Premier] Banana Legion 516 - 468 Version 2

    ggs, max didnt play first race so he gets +2 because he got 11th pog
  8. Royal

    [A16] Inflow 557 - 427 Banana Legion

    ggs guys
  9. Royal

    [A15] Banana Legion 497 - 487 Arcadia Terra ✓

    ggs mikkel dcd on dolphin shoals with 36
  10. Royal

    Grand Team Tournament

    room 1
  11. Royal

    [A14] Banana Legion 521 - 463 Princess Monarchy ✓

    ggs Pm Max dcd and got + 61, he dcd after crossing the line on Twisted Mansion Flo dcd and got +35, he dcd on Cheese Land
  12. Royal

    [A13] NOVÆ 505 - 479 Banana Legion ✓

    ggs gamers was a great match
  13. Royal

    [A4] Banana Legion 505 - 479 Version 2

    ggs! V2 asked us to reschedule, so we agreed we played 5v6 for 4 races, Gio joined race 5 and got +4 because of the bot
  14. Royal

    [AB11] Banana Legion 528 - 456 Mushroom Team Soul ✓

    thank you Xakob :smirk_cat:
  15. Royal

    [A12] Banana Legion 422 - 562 World Friend Moon ✓

    ggs not much we could do :TheSadMan: