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  1. mikkel

    MKCentral Registry Guide

    Hello, and welcome to Mario Kart Central! This guide will help you understand how the registry works, and how to start using the registry to help you participate in MKCentral tournaments. The MKCentral Registry is used as a universal database that players use to sign up for team, squad, and...
  2. mikkel

    MKCentral Registry Guide

    Mario Kart Central Official Registry Guide Read in your native language: (flag:US) ENGLISH (flag:GB) (flag:FR) FRANÇAIS (flag:CA) (flag:ES) ESPAÑOL (flag:MX) Coming soon: (flag:JP) 日本人 (flag:JP)
  3. mikkel

    [D1/D2] Bz 2 - 0 ARC

  4. mikkel

    its been falling ever since i left the womb

    its been falling ever since i left the womb
  5. mikkel

    An Update for Season 10

    if they crush everyone else then realistically they should have no problem winning the playoffs
  6. mikkel

    Mario Kart Hot Takes

    the boo is the best item in the game besides the shock
  7. mikkel

    [SF] ARC 1 - 2 DY

    Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 ggs guys, good luck to DY and wf in the finals. may the team that games the most win
  8. mikkel

    MKCentral 150cc 3v3 FFA #2 | March 28, 2020

    hello everyone, thanks to all those who played today! it ran very smoothly and there were no major problems throughout. this 3v3 also tied for the most amount of entrants we've ever had for an event (288), so thanks once again! congrats to @JB le gibet @Impo and @RomainPanda for winning it...
  9. mikkel

    Post your favorite lounge result

    thanks boys
  10. mikkel

    [QF] ARC 2 - 1 EU ✓

    im not quark stop calling me quark
  11. mikkel

    [QF] ARC 2 - 1 EU ✓

    Match 1 Notes: - I dc'd with 37 Match 2 Notes: - no dc's Match 3 Notes: - Brandon dc'd with 62 GGs EU, what a series.
  12. mikkel

    Grand Team Tournament

    room 4
  13. mikkel

    March Madness 2v2 Bracket 2020 | March 21st, 2020

    Thanks everyone for playing in this years March Madness! Congrats to @despair and @Ryan's for winning it all! Event placements can be found here: https://www.mariokartcentral.com/mkc/tournaments/69. They are also on your registry profiles. See you all for next year's March Madness!
  14. mikkel


    hello yes i beat the first two games of zero escape they were very good please play the games first game(s) ive 100%'d in a long time its really just that good goose game 100% is next then we go to octopath :smirk_cat:
  15. mikkel

    An Update for Season 10

    Announcing Changes For the Future As you know, over the past two seasons and this upcoming season, MKU Staff have ran the MKU Conference format. However, after multiple suggestions and feedback overall, we're happy to announce some changes to the format going onto the future into S10 and onward...
  16. mikkel

    Grand Team Tournament

    room 4 tie for 2nd