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  1. Squigly

    Most Stacked/Best MKC team in the past?

    What's everyone's pick for MKC's most stacked clan who played in a tournament and won? I generally feel like many of the best teams pretty much suffocated their opponent and won easily. Many stacked teams pretty much had the best players possible In terms of countries Japan has to be...
  2. Squigly

    Send us your phone screen times!

    Usually, people are on their phones for 10h+ every day. I usually use it for around 4h a day. So what about you? Feel free to share
  3. Squigly

    Would you rather…

    Look at the poll
  4. Squigly


    FOUR teams are left standing: Croatia, Morocco, France, And Argentina Croatia barely won against Japan and Brazil. While Morocco only gave up one goal (An own goal). Out of the four teams left... What is your pick to win FIFA 2022? Vote. If you have any other predictions like what the final...
  5. Squigly

    Would you rather have: Mario Kart 9 or ALL 6 DLC waves

    So MK8DX released DLC waves (6 waves), and 96 tracks to finish with. HOWEVER, it's been over 5 years since we got a new mario kart game. Do you want all the DLC to play or a new mario kart game. VOTE!
  6. Squigly

    Favorite One Piece Straw Hat Pirate

  7. Squigly

    MK Clan curses

    Imagine how frustrating that is
  8. Squigly

    MK Clan curses

    So in particular, do any of you guys know any bad curses that any clan has: Here's an example: Eᴎ (Encore) was swept 2-0 by R⭐ (Rated R) 4 times in a row in 200 League competitions: Overdrive II Season 6 Overdrive III Season 7 It could also mean being eliminated in the first round for a...
  9. Squigly

    Favorite One Piece Straw Hat Pirate

    He’s cute!
  10. Squigly


    PLEASE KNOW/NOTE THAT MY SIGNATURE IS A QUOTE FROM ONE PIECE This quote is mostly said by Kalifa in one piece.
  11. Squigly

    Favorite One Piece Straw Hat Pirate

    By clicking the spoiler button, you agree not to tell anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled this information. Share in the discussion on who is your favorite one piece straw hat!
  12. Squigly

    [GF] R★ 2 - 0 Eи

    Congrats Rated R. Sorry encore for the fourth consecutive 2-0 sweep in a row. I think you guys will do better next year possibly
  13. Squigly

    MK8DX Booster Pass Abbreviations

    I think track abbreviations are confusing lol
  14. Squigly

    Personal Records / Accomplishments Thread

    Pulling a Secret Rare Frosmoth Card
  15. Squigly

    Roy or Waluigi

    In Mario Kart. Roy and Walugi are the most common characters in MKC history. And are highly popular in TTS, Worldwides, Lounge, even tournaments! But honestly, who do you think is better tho?
  16. Squigly

    Is Toad a good mario kart character to use?

    Honestly I use Toad too much lmao
  17. Squigly

    Squigly 17

    Hello, my name is Squigly 17, you can also call me Aidan and I live near Seattle. I am both Japanese 🇯🇵. As well as American 🇺🇸. Right now I am 15 years old. And i’m in 9th grade. I like computer stuff and especially math! I am autistic and I’m still growing!! :3 I liked to play Mk7 in the...
  18. Squigly

    What is your biggest Top Frag in Mario Kart?

    FIrst off: What is a top frag? It is when you score higher on the leaderboard/points on your team. Pretend that Cynda has 135 Points, Rookie has 100 Points and Chibi has 90 points. Cynda is top fragging the match because he is scoring higher... Now have you guys ever top fragged a war? Share...
  19. Squigly

    Class A and Alternate Accounts

    They hid very well but they can't hide forever!
  20. Squigly

    Is MKTour a good game??

    :( :TheSadMan: