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  1. KatiuzkaSkar

    [A1] pA 501 - 483 ML

  2. KatiuzkaSkar

    [A7] No Tourists 370 - 614 Pitsy Army [Approved]

    Note: No Tourist only played with 5 members Disconnection of Qazzy Another Disconnection of Qazzy
  3. KatiuzkaSkar

    [A6] Moravian Cyberhounds 317 - 667 Pitsy Army [Approved]

    The first 2 races, they played with 5 members and a Bot (Inkling). At the 3rd race Vamp joined the match.
  4. KatiuzkaSkar

    [MKU-DX] Season 16 Preliminary Seedings

    First of all, Hello everyone. I'm the leader of Pitsy Army and we agree with our seeding in D18. Thanks for everything and let's have fun this MKU Season 16.