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    [A8] TR eSports 2 552 - 432 Re-Birth

    GGs Tengo Rayo eSports 😭⚡
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    [A8] Re-Birth 501 - 483 Making Llajua

    (top 6 clutch)
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    MKCentral Universal Ruleset Suggestion Thread

    Hi, I have an idea that would change a lot of thing for me as a leader of a low div team. Why don't we add a rule where everyone register on a team has to play one or two matchs ? This would change a lot of things (most of the part for the low divisions) : - Each player will play and enjoy the...
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    [A12] Re-Birth 495 - 489 Sweatyzard ✓

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    [AB8] ЯB 440 - 544 pħ ✓

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    [A3] Re-Birth 461 - 523 Final Emblem ✓

    GG's, was a cool war, we'll get our revenge next time hehe, GL for the next matches
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    [MKU-DX] Season 9 Prelim Seedings

    As a RB staff, I want to reply too. Our goal for this season is to win our division, like everyone, but with every members playing at least one or two matchs. We are all coming here to play competitive, and I want to give all our members their chances to shine. We don't want to play we our best...
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    MK8DX MKCentral 150cc Secret Santa 2v2 FFA | December 22nd, 2018

    Raph | 4361-6760-9327 (Raph#7773)