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  1. DF_BR

    [MKU-DX] Season 21 Preliminary Seedings

    Hey!! I'm a Liberty rep and I think D13 would be better for us because in D12 we are getting destroyed with good lu, here are some tables Both teams with 5/6 main lu vs RS (D12) Both teams with 5/6 main lu vs NFNL (D12) We were with 4/6 with Raised (our carry) and NRB (D12) without Alejo...
  2. DF_BR

    [25th place] Another Xtreme Element 0 - 150 Liberty

    λXΞ didn't appear for war :(
  3. DF_BR

    [C2] Liberty 512-472 Neko Knights ✓

    total dcs 4(1 will race 3) 3(Raised races 8, 9(after) and 10)race 3 (will dced)race 8 Raised dcedrace 9 Raised dcedrace 10 Raised dced and Poonce wrong score (it should be 71)final score Will +7 Raised +81 Poonce +1 ggs ^^
  4. DF_BR

    [C1] Trivial Matters 463-521 Liberty ✓

    ggs ™^^
  5. DF_BR

    [R2 - Silver] Liberty 564 - 420 Vice Party

    ggs レマ^^
  6. DF_BR

    [LR2] Liberty 501-483 Turbo Shells ✓

    ok so this one will be bad lol, there were a lot of dcs and room crashes, I'm gonna point everything race 1 was normal but room had first crash in race 2 in TM, no final table so fake race 2 lolreal race 2 in TH had 2 dcs for Lyrace 3: no dcs and room crash in vote after racerace 4: new room and...