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  1. MissHell

    [MKU-DX] Season 23 Preliminary Seedings

    Hello, we Clan't feel that this season we were overseeded, last season we took a break and we just came back. In S22 we were in the final in D15 but we lost half of the main line up and we didn't recruit any player that strong for S23, we basically have new people and peeps from lower...
  2. MissHell

    [MKU-DX] Season 19 Preliminary Seedings

    Hello! We are Clan't team and we would like to ask for a lower division, we were in D15 in the first preseedings and we feel is a better fit for us because we have been playing friendly wars vs Dragon Blue, DPK and Kartvengers and even with our main LU the results aren't good for us at all. Also...
  3. MissHell

    [B8] Gacrux 508-476 Épines Volantes

    No DC, GGS!
  4. MissHell

    [AB7] Gacrux 493-491 Snow Fox

    No DC, GG's!