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  1. Niko

    [B4] PoD 457 - 527 WEC ✓

    [/spoiler] Notes: - Mickey dc'ed 3 times, played 5 races -- pictures/points are provided in form of spoilers - Dashi subbed after the 5th race and played the remaining 7 races -- he dc'ed once as well & picture is once again provided via the spoiler Good Games, WEC, and we're sorry to...
  2. Niko

    [B3] δk 556 - 428 PoD ✓

    GGs & well played, qk, not much else to say from my end, but we were outmatched; GL in future matches (y)
  3. Niko

    [W4] Arcadia 496 vs 468 Blizzard

    GGs friends, was lots of fun now if i only knew how to avoid missing 2nd ramp on rCCB, i wouldn't throw as badly
  4. Niko

    Reno & Miki

    yea damian get this bread
  5. Niko

    Reno & Miki

    i'm still waiting
  6. Niko

    Reno & Miki

    _8ball that one
  7. Niko

    Reno & Miki

    even toadbot is unable to comprehend
  8. Niko

    Reno & Miki

    acceptable, i need not worry in that case :geek:
  9. Niko

    Reno & Miki

    ^ good gen, yes. no gen 3 pls.
  10. Niko

    Reno & Miki

    holy, this dude is a high tier man of culture, go damian :giggle: good luck to you two as well (y)
  11. Niko

    Rank your favourite tracks!

    #1 all that matters
  12. Niko


  13. Niko

    buggin out

    buggin out
  14. Niko

    doing the staffing business

    doing the staffing business