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    [W5] UPR 574 - 410 OR

    no one cares
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    Unknown / Underrated Players?

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    Unknown / Underrated Players?

    i can say with 100% accuracy that only Damito might be too low for his skill the rest are all fine
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    200L Season 4 Predictions.

    Yeah I am
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    200L Season 4 Predictions.

    D1 R★ pb wf QLF MPD ARC D2 Lf OR Elite pb pc
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    Mario Kart Hot Takes

    There is no track in this game absent of "bullshit", every track can be bad depending on who you ask
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    Mario Kart Hot Takes

    dDD is for masochists
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    [AB7] AfterDark 446 - 538 Equivoke ✓

    Ggs qk Xakob dc'd race 6 with 46 pts
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    [B5] Dynamite Alpha 495 - 489 Horizon

    This thread is hilarious
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    [R1] Horizon 622 - 362 Higher Octave

    Rhys bad only 96
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    MKU-DX Season 8 Predictions

    I'll just do d1 lol Conference A: DVP wf ARC EU MT AU Conference B: JBZZ RK HD vx ID Bz Playoff winner: JBZZ Div mvp: Who cares
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    [LR1] THE 444-540 The Atlantic

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    [B1] D2 595 - 389 LC

    Fun fact: ster didn't dc. He rq'd
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    [B1] D2 595 - 389 LC

    I blame the Russians
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    [GF2] Renegades 495 - 489 Horizon

    Yeah woo
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    200cc UML Dates + Signup Thread

    Italic Can't Captain
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    Where in the World?

    Illinois has me and my boy Laquon