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  1. Marc


  2. Marc

    [D1/D2] vx 514 - 470 DJULO

    calme ton cul le tigre
  3. Marc

    [SF] JBZZ 477-507 wf

    bo3 is objectively better, but I could see why dvp likes bo1 anyways, dropping off of mku is childish and solves nothing
  4. Marc

    [SF] JBZZ 477-507 wf

    dayem en mode agility
  5. Marc

    Coach's Corner

    artifact of the day the inability to look back in mk7 makes me anxious it's a shame this game was a pain in the ass to capture
  6. Marc

    Division One - Standings and Fixtures

    Comme on dit par chez nous, c’est l’intention qui compte
  7. Marc

    [B13] vx 486 - 498 Bz

    Ah yes, waluigi caterpillar racing beef, just what I signed up for
  8. Marc


    no ttyd how do i unyeah this list
  9. Marc

    [B14] HD 518 - 466 vx

    sketch has the bigger dick, thread over
  10. Marc

    [B14] HD 518 - 466 vx

    16 minutes checkmate math teacher
  11. Marc

    [A14] - [EU] Euphorya Anubis 497 - 487 Mushroom Team Galaxy [MT]

    inward WOR selection match
  12. Marc

    [B14] HD 518 - 466 vx

    good shit
  13. Marc

    [A14] ÐVP 505 - 479 ARC

    beating ARC without me isn't an achievement
  14. Marc

    [AB11] ÐVP 486 - 498 vx

  15. Marc

    [AB9] vx 483 - 481 EU

    Anyone wanna netplay mp7
  16. Marc

    [AB9] vx 483 - 481 EU

  17. Marc

    Coach's Corner

    I’m honestly curious as to what it is, I say a lot of shit you know edit: oh god
  18. Marc

    Coach's Corner

    Slapping this one on the fridge Btw my desktop died some weeks ago so find a side bitch streamer in the meantime
  19. Marc

    [AB8] Mushroom Team Galaxy 556 - 428 Vertex

    I was talking to someone else, but I’ll give you a call next time I’m in Spain