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  1. GSCorinth7

    Opinions for the Betterment of the Community

    Read through it and it was very good, I liked a lot of your opinions. #1 I 100% see your Gabe opinion. Whether agree I’m still thinking about it. He does harm the community, any new member who opens mkc and sees him talking about stuff related to sex and other people laughing at it, the new...
  2. GSCorinth7

    [A10] 8va 440-544 Pм ✓

    Jacob and I were LIVID bro
  3. GSCorinth7

    [A10] 8va 440-544 Pм ✓

    Ggs guys and good luck in playoffs.
  4. GSCorinth7

    [AB6] 8va 509 - 475 モメ ✓

    y’all played incredibly well, we await our future meetings
  5. GSCorinth7

    [AB4] TR 525 - 459 8va ✓

    ggs guys
  6. GSCorinth7

    [A3] 8va 495 - 489 Pм ✓

    MYT dced race 11 and came back for race 12 ggs really intense match
  7. GSCorinth7

    Division 12 - Standings & Fixtures

    im playing fantasy and im determining what I should do with axe picasso i not indiv
  8. GSCorinth7

    The Official Clan Tag Tier List

    Here’s a better list since it looked like you needed help. Also I recommend you look into why 8va tag is so good :)
  9. GSCorinth7

    MK8DX Double Down | July 18th - August 1st

    ggs, well played guys
  10. GSCorinth7

    [Group B] OF 500 - 484 LFG

  11. GSCorinth7

    [F] Higher Octave 540 - 444 Zten

    Thread fully updated with every dc
  12. GSCorinth7

    [F] Higher Octave 540 - 444 Zten

    Notes: Race 1 Zten Milk dced with 5 points Race 6 Zten ReN dced with 38 points Race 6 8va jacob left room with 37 points to avoid room crash Race 9 Zten ReN dced with 16 points Race 9 8va jacob left room with 18 points to avoid room crash Upon jacob returning to room, Zten Raven dced with 55 and...
  13. GSCorinth7

    [F] Yoshi Family Odyssey 0-2 Higher Octave ✓

    ggs, yall played so well this season guys and we were happy to have yall as opponents!
  14. GSCorinth7

    [R4 - Amateur] Sunset 491 - 493 Higher Octave

    Ggs! Insane war