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  1. Dragmirejr

    [MKU-DX] Rules Suggestions Thread

    Aaaah how could I forget 1 point on each tier?!?! Anyways, could just multiply indivs, (indivs/amount of races*12)
  2. Dragmirejr

    [MKU-DX] Rules Suggestions Thread

    Hello MKU, long time no see! I've just been doing some thinking lately, and here are some of my thoughts coming from that! What is everyones opinions on stage bans in 2020? How many tracks are considered front running track/catch up tracks etc and how would it affect the balance and having the...
  3. Dragmirejr

    Dragmire jr.

    Is today tomorrow?
  4. Dragmirejr

    Post your MK8D Playtime!

    390 hours, but it's all in the first half year or so
  5. Dragmirejr

    Personal Records / Accomplishments Thread

    Hmm, I guess being on the national youth team in judo for 3 years was a decent accomplishment. Other than that I've played Civilization for 45 hours straight once.... oh and peaking at 234 viewers on my personal twitch stream was also pretty lit. for food related stuff I am generally a big...
  6. Dragmirejr

    [W9] AU 524 - 460 ARC

    GGs AU, you held the early lead you got well
  7. Dragmirejr

    [W6] DY 452 - 532 ARC

    First W let's go!
  8. Dragmirejr

    Unknown / Underrated Players?

    I feel like most people don't rate most of the community and if they do it either the bad way (just looking at points/talk about ratio) or the better way (Actually played with someone) As I've been mostly just playing wiht my main lately I feel like the straight up most underated player is...
  9. Dragmirejr

    Dragmire jr.

    Go NDC :love: Stop Illness tbh
  10. Dragmirejr

    Dragmire jr.

    Hi, I will post stuff here tomorrow when I am less tired!