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New leaderboard just dropped.​

With a new leaderboard comes a new bot!
200 Lounge Bot is an improved mogi bot for MK8DX 200cc Lounge. Enter mogis, submit tables, update mmr, see stats, and more.

/verify +1 REQUIRED [mkc link]

Verify your MKC identity (registry or forum link) with this command to participate in mogis.

Can up for a mogi.

Drop from a mogi (Leave the queue)

List players in the mogi (See the queue)

/sub +2 REQUIRED @leaving_player & @subbing_player
Substitute a player during a mogi.

/fc +1 (optional) XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Use /fc by itself to show your friend code.
Use /fc with the extra field to upload your Friend Code.
Submitting your FC means you are willing and able to host. After the format voting phase of the mogi, 200-Lounge bot will pick an FC from the lineup at random to host.

/table +2 REQUIRED format & scores
Submit a table. Provide a format (1, 2, 3, 4, 6) and a list of 12 players & 12 scores (brandon 180 popuko 12 jpgiviner 42 etc...). The best way to ensure that the table is submitted properly is to copy the example from the "Mogi Started" message, or use the /teams command to get the example. (The reason to use the order provided by the bot is to ensure that all players on a team are grouped together. The Lorenzi table and MMR calculations will be out of sync if you do not follow these guidelines)

See the teams in the ongoing mogi (must be sent from a tier channel)

/stats +1 (optional) #tier-channel
Displays player statistics. You can also filter by tier by selecting the appropriate channel (#tier-a, #tier-b, etc...)
I will consider adding an extra field to see stats of other players. For now, you can find anyone's stats on 200-lounge.com

/name +1 REQUIRED new name
Submit a name-change request to staff.

/twitch +1 REQUIRED username
Upload your twitch username to be added to the automated #mogi-media channel. If you are in an ongoing mogi and streaming, the bot will recognize it and post your stream in #mogi-media

I'm sorry I couldn't save the match history from Season 4. Maxarx made an awesome alternative google sheet for tracking scores and stats, but the data requirements for the new website and the google sheet did not match up... :(
Shoutout to MKTristan, Maxarx, Francis, Josh, Euan, Technical and updaters of the past for bearing with the horrible google sheets updating system. I am glad to finally have a better solution to MMR updating.

Oh by the way - since we couldn't save the history we're calling this Season 5.
Season 4 has only been running for 3 months or so - we are bringing everyone's current MMR over to the new leaderboard.