[200L] Conference Rules and Format [Updated 11/15/2021]

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*Staff may enforce rules to their discretion based on the situation, and penalties may be subject to change. It is not an excuse to not follow the rules, and discretion will be used as rarely as possible.

200L uses the MKCentral Universal Tournaments Ruleset. Beneath you can find the add-ons for 200L only.

1.1 Tournament Structure

Conference Play

a. The total number of teams that declared participation will be divided into several divisions of 8 teams each based on skill level. Each of these divisions will be seeded into two conferences of 4. Changes can be made depending on the number of participating teams at the staff’s discretion.
i. In the event a 200L competition doesn't pull sufficient numbers the format may need to be adjusted to 6 teams for some divisions​
b. The season length is 7 weeks by default (5-week season, 2-week playoff). Teams in the same conference will play each other twice and will play each team in the other conference once by default.
i. Divisions that have 6 teams will play a double round-robin playing 2 matches a week for 5 weeks​
c. Conferences are ranked based on a team's overall Wins-Ties-Losses record throughout the season.

d. In the case of a tie between two or more teams within a conference, there will be a set of checks to determine the higher placing team (Tiebreakers):
1. W-D-L Record​
2. Most amount of wins vs tied opponents​
3. Conference Record​
4. +/- between tied opponents​
5. Overall +/-​
i. If two teams are tied for a wild card spot in a division, the tiebreaker order is as follows:​
1. W-D-L Record​
2. Most amount of wins vs tied opponents​
3. +/- between tied opponents​
4. Overall +/-​
i. If three or more teams are tied for a wild card spot in a division, the tiebreaker order is as follows:​
1. W-D-L Record​
2. Head-to-head series wins between the 3+ tied teams​
3. Average +/- in head-to-head series​
4. Overall +/-​
For a more detailed explanation of tie-breakers visit the following thread here

e. Teams are responsible for being stable and reliable throughout the season and are strongly encouraged to sign up only if they can guarantee that they will be able to play all 10 matches without difficulty.
i. Not playing (aka forfeiting) matches during 200L Conference will have the following consequences:​
- 1st forfeit: Warning by the division admin​
- 2nd forfeit: Risk not being considered for participation in a future season​
- 3rd forfeit: Disqualification​
ii. In the case of a team dropping out during the season, all parts of the season in which they forfeited a match will be turned into forfeits. Ex. A team forfeits a match in inter-conference matches and drops out during 2nd conference matches, all inter-conference and 2nd conference matches will be scored as forfeits, whilst all 1st conference matches will remain unchanged.​
iii. Teams that drop out during a 200L Conference season of their own volition will be warned and may not be considered for participation in a future season.​
iv. Teams that drop out more than once, either due to being disqualified after forfeiting too many matches (see i.) or of their own volition (see ii.), will be permanently banned from participating in any 200L competitions.​


If two teams make playoffs from the same conference, it will be seeded as A1 vs B2, and B1 vs A2. If 3 teams from the same conference make playoffs (and only 1 from the other conference), then fixtures are A1 vs A3 and B1 vs A2 or B1 vs B3 and A1 vs B2.
b. The playoffs will be a 4-team best-of-3 single-elimination bracket.
c. In the event a playoff match is tied after race 12, the two teams will play an additional GP (4 races) to determine the winner of the match.
ii. If the score is still tied after the additional GP, then the teams must play single races until the match is no longer tied.

2.1 Registration

a. Teams willing to participate in any 200L competition must confirm participation through the official registry signup posted in the Tournament section of MKCentral.
i. Teams must honor the confirmation deadlines set by staff. Failure to do so may result in the team not being allowed to participate this season.​
ii. Teams may be prevented from participating at staff’s discretion if the team assembled too many past warnings or is deemed too unstable.​
b. Players may only play in 200L competitions with the Switch FC they signed up with on MKCentral.
i. Switch FC changing or update requests made after 11:59 pm EST on Fridays will not be considered valid for the current weekend’s 200L matches.​

3.1 Scheduling

a. 200L Conference matches take place on Saturdays at 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM ET by default.
i. In the case of Oceanic/Asian teams playing, consult the division admin/table for default times.​
a. Whether a team is allowed to play at Oceanic/Asian timezones is up to staff discretion.​
ii. Should teams fail to honor the scheduled time of the match, they will automatically forfeit the match.​
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