200L Overdrive II Predictions

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So I was thinking about my predictions of how Overdrive II will go out. So I made a google sheet with my predictions. Since I am the leader of next N and next Z I was optimistic biased towards us. In other matchups I assumed much more realisticly. This predictions shall not insult anyone or talk anyone down. They are just there for the fun. Feel free to tell me what your opinion is. You can copy the sheet anytime you want and insert your own predictions on your own sheet. Have fun during the season and I hope to see yall on the circuit. :)




Close matchups that can really go either way (only matchups I can measure):

next N vs Freeze (d2)
next N vs Encore - Unity (d2)
next Z vs Arcadia Caturday (d1)
Arcadia Caturday vs African Lion Safari Tourguides (d1)
next Z vs Encore (d1)
Encore vs African Lion Safari Tourguides (d1)
Nana fam vs Chelsea Fc (d1)
next Z vs African Lion Safari Tourguides (d1)
Encore vs Rated R (d1)

Please cast one of these or at least finals

Make it happen:
Thanks for reading. have a nice day. ^^