200L Season 4 Banners


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Now that this season has officially come to a close, I would like to give my thanks to all of the teams that stuck through. Even though we faced a few difficulties this time around, we still managed to have a great season. Hopefully scheduling will be less of an issue moving into future seasons and events, but for what's it worth, we did the best we could. Thanks for your cooperation.

Anyway, getting back on topic, here are the official banners for this season's winners. Congrats to Rated R and Uprising for a great run!

At first we weren't sure if we would be able to have someone make banners for us, so I decided to take up the task. Hopefully you guys like them.

Just a reminder by the way, the 200cc All-Star game is tomorrow at 4:00 PM ET and will be streamed live on the MKC Twitch! If you're interested in watching some 200cc, feel free to tune in. It should get quite intense, as some of the best players will be present in this match. :cool:

In addition to all of what was said above, I'd also like to personally thank @mikkel for all that he's done for us as he will be departing from our staff team once all of this is over. He's one of the main reasons why 200L came to be in the first place, and he has always been a great person to work with. Thanks for all of your contribution to the team during the last two years, we all deeply appreciate it.

Thanks again everyone, we're looking forward for what's to come in the future!​