200L Season 4 Predictions.


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Division 1.
1st Rated R
2nd Prestissimo Brigade
3rd World Friend
4th Moped ins Kreuz, Junge
5th Arcadia Funyarinpa
Drops: QLF, if they don’t drop put them 3rd.

I think this div is gonna be really between R and Pb for first with the rest fighting for 3rd, 2 extremely strong teams without mentioning the split of AX they got and honestly both are interchangeable between Top 2 but I’m giving it to R rn because of more chem.
Wf I put third, it’s their first 200 season although they have many players who have a lot of 200 experience like namely Thomas who I put as Div MVP, and Theo Valer and Pyrax aren’t anything to scoff at either.
MPD have played a couple seasons now and it’s only now their first D1 season, with great players like Devoty and Alpha as well as decent support they shouldn’t do bad.
I’m putting ARC 5th as on paper they look the weakest, they do have Slater and Ace who aren’t bad by any means but that seems like a lot of their sustenance between 2 people.
I want QLF to do well but I just think they’re gonna drop. Before looking at their roster and knowing a couple on there I thought they’d do decent but it’s 200 and a team has to drop but fingers crossed that jinxit.

MVP: Wf Thomas, really could go to a whole host of people but I think respectively in the teams having another player that’s big will decrease their ***Indivs**** (Pb having Nick Espurr, ARC Slater Brandon, R Darky Erick James) wheres to Thomas there isn’t many people in Wf to match his level on 200.

Division 2.
1st Presto Brigade
2nd Outrage
3rd I refuse to say their name
4th LunarFoxes
Drop: Process
Null: Little Cook is funny he rides a spoon how wacky.

UPR is null
Presto have a lot of strong players between Cherish Joel Trom and a few others, definitely a solid team.
Outrage is going second it’s Hx without Zaka with a few other good additions and I want to see them do well, Babou is one of the better players in the div also.
“EB” could get second but I believe they’re gonna have gathering problems, maybe having to do a few 5v6 matches.
LF could’ve gotten first if EB didn’t split off of them but I think with the roster losses and the few additions they should place well enough and Pabs is a king.
Process on the outside just looks as if someone’s put their hand in a hat and pulled out 16 players the only chemistry I see is Mej Spork and GSC knowing each other, other then that I think they’re gonna drop I just don’t think they’re stable but would like to be proven wrong
MVP: OR Babou, not much explanation needed imo.
Division 1:
1st | Prestissimo Brigade
2nd | Rated R
3rd | Arcadia Funyarinpa
4th | World Friend
5th | QLF
6th | Moped ins Kreuz, Junge

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