200L Season 5 Predictions

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They call me Predictions

Division 1: Bullet Bill
Mega Instinct
next N
Rated R
Ultra Instinct

Division 2: Golden Mushroom
Encore - Unity
Nana fam

Division 3: Mushroom
Knights of the Multiverse
Raab in Gefahr
Ukuhlangana Okungaziwa Kotshwala


Division 1:
1st Rated R
2nd Ultra Instinct
3rd Encore
4th Next N
5th Mega Instinct


Rated R first, feel like it’s p obvious as long as they don’t sleep between players like Darky James xNts K4I John Eji Brandon and of course got levine the money, they should be fine. Only person I see taking them on is BryWH.
ICT1 is a strong pick for 2nd since it’s their first season of 200L but even then they have a very good starting roster to boot, it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of them this season.
En1 in 3rd I honestly think they can go 1-1 with ICT1 however I believe that ICT will take it on points, both have extremely solid lu’s these were probably hardest to predict
I’ve got NN in 4th they are a very strong team and definitely deserve to be in the div however comparing to other rosters and such they lose certain match ups in my mind, very very kind and lovely team though and would love to be proven wrong and see them take title we love you NN 🥺
Yeah sorry lads having a 2nd team in D1 never ends well does it.
Not gonna predict UPR/jacob.
Division MVP: R⭑ Darky/NN Alpha

Division 2:
1st Encore - Unity
2nd Melodya

3rd BatSista
4th Freeze
5th Nana Fam


I have En2 in first here I think as long as they play their best lu they shouldn’t have much trouble
I have Ma in 2nd and BS in 3rd but I honestly believe this will be a battle of the back. Ma seemingly have more experience in 200 with players like Lez’ and Babou but at the same time BS does have some decent 150 names too so I think matches between these 2 will be very close but for now I would give it to Ma.
I have FRZ for 4th in all honesty I don’t know much about this team Ibrahim and Alex are good players but that’s all I can really point out sorry.
I have NANA for 5th I only know Teach sorry once again.
Division MVP: NANA Teach

Division 3:
1st Raab in Gefahr
2nd Ukuhlangana Okungaziwa Kotshwala
3rd Knights of the Multiverse
4th Kartperial

Not even gonna pretend I know much about this div sorry, I probably should but I just haven’t seen many of these people active in 200 wether it be lounge or scrims
Mickey or imrsv_ for Div MVP

Make sure to leave your predictions in the thread below! I love getting interactions on my posts they fuel my ego! I need to have an ego boost because I am in Division 2!


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1st: R★
2nd: En
3rd: ict1
4th: ict2
5th: NN

1st: En
2nd: FRZ
3rd: Ma
4th: NANA
5th: BS

1st: KMV
2nd: RiG
3rd: #
4th: ktp