[A15] Arcadia Sky 534 - 450 Mushroom Team Galaxy


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Stevens DC on Race 4:

Before room crash:

Hiskha DC, Kaori played the rest of the war:

Final race:

- There were several DCs this war, but all points should be correct on the table. MT confirmed.
- Room was started at 3:13 per request of MT. They still played 5v6 for five races.
- Stevens DC'd on Race 4, making rCCB 5v5 with two bots.
- Cora closed room since Ace and Stevens could not join. MT was given 2-7 when Ace became host (subbing Cora).
- Hiskha played two races and DC'd with 12 pts. Kaori subbed for the rest of the war.
- So in other words, this war was like this:

Good games MT.