[AB6] Ğφ 473 - 511 ΣQ ✓


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Final race:

- EduJosu dced on race 4 with 18pts and Ronda subbed him until race 12 with no dcs (Edu played 4 races, Ronda played 8 races)
- Potatoe dced on race 5 with 13pts, joined back on race 6 getting 3pts, dced again on the same race and EduJosu subbed her on race 7 until the end of the war (Potatoe played 6 races, Edu played 6 races)
EduJosu's dc on race 4

Potatoe's dc on race 5

Potatoe's dc on race 6
GGs, good luck on the rest of your matches :3