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Agility - Jan 5-6, 12-13 (Team Tournament)


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Bracket: https://challonge.com/agility1/
Player Transfer Deadline: January 4th


Welcome to the first event of the all-new Agility Tournament Series. These tournaments will function in a similar manner to older team tournaments such as Meltdown and Slipdrift, but each event will simply be one-off events that are not connected by a circuit.

Unlike former events, tournaments under the name of Agility will run matches that are shorter in format up until the top 8 and focus on getting to play a few quicker matches per day rather than one longer one. This specific event will use 6-race matches up to the Top 8 and will be double elimination the full way. Registration may be done by leaders of teams on the site registry for teams of at least 9 members.

Match Times (all times in EST, 6 hours behind CET)

January 5th
Winners Round 1 - 1:30pm
Winners Round 2 - 2:15pm
Losers Round 1 - 2:15pm
Winners Quarters - 3:00pm
Losers Round 2 - 3:00pm

January 6th
Losers Round 3 - 1:00pm
Winners Semis - 3:00pm
Losers Round 4 - 3:00pm

January 12th
Losers Round 5 - 1:00pm
Winners Finals - 3:00pm
Losers Quarters - 3:00pm

January 13th
Losers Semis - 1:00pm
Losers Finals - 2:00pm
Grand Finals - 3:00pm

Confirmed Teams


Battle Cry
Black Wolves
Divine Phoenix
Dynamite Alpha
Dynamite Omega
Galactic Gamers
High Definition
Ink Dragons
Jean-Pierre Papin
Jean-Pierre Pernaut
Latin Kart
Magikart Community
Mandarina De Schrödinger
Melee Y
Mushroom Team X
Mushroom Team Y
Noob Reborn
Team Rocket
Wii Elite Clan

World Friend

Yoshi Family
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Agility Results

Forfeit by ID

Forfeit by Galactic Gamers

Top 8

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Will sign up one ARC for now per usual. will update if we grind both teams.