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Amplify VI
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Hello everyone,

Over the course of January, Amplify VI took place—with double the participating teams as last year, a return to the classic groups format, and 3 brackets to top it all off, we hope all our competitors had fun. We also had a cash prize for the winning team for the first time: World Friend Star took home the gold and the $240 prize, which was paid out about a week ago.

Of course, as per tradition, we're handing out banners to the top 3 teams, as well as the winners of the silver and gold brackets. Without further ado, we present to you the Amplify VI Banners, courtesy of Savannah:






We hope the teams that won banners enjoy them—and feel free to proudly display them, whether it's on Twitter or a forum signature here on MKCentral. And of course, thanks to all those teams and players that played in Amplify VI—see you next year!

—Jazzy on behalf of Amplify Staff
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