An Update to Ban Cases and Alternate Accounts

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Recently there have been multiple cases of members of the community throwing racial, transphobic, and homophobic slurs at members directly, or using them as part of their name in-game. For the most part, people have been receiving warnings for a first-time offense, with 1-6 month bans on repeat offenses, but it seems that it's not working.

As of today, regardless of past warnings, any member that is reported for any behavior like that will be starting at 3 months minimum.

- - -

There have also been cases of other members feeling uncomfortable with others acting creepy or odd to them in DMs or in servers. I want to remind you that if someone is making you feel uncomfortable to please make a ticket in the MKCentral Server as that's the easiest way to make us aware of issues.

- - -

On a side note, MKCentral Staff will be going through accounts in search of any alternate accounts soon, so if you have an alternate account that you wish to notify staff of, now is the time to make a ticket in the MKCentral Server and let us know. If you have an alt in lounge, we will ban all lounge accounts besides your main. If you have an account that is playing in leagues as another alias, you will receive a reduced ban of 3 months. If you choose to say nothing and we notice it, you will receive an indefinite ban with no chance of appeal.
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