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Announcing Our Next Event + Future Plans


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Before I begin I’d like to give my thanks to everyone who has contributed to the 200cc community during the last year or so. Whether you played in lounge, took part in MKC events, or even just interacted with the community, it really does mean a lot to us and I would not want it any different. I highly encourage all of you to read this post in its entirety as it provides important information pertaining to our future plans which should be kept in mind if you are interested in playing our events as the year goes on.

We’ve come to a point where, as a community, we are guided more by all of you rather than just our own decisions. I speak for all 200L staff when I say that our small community comes with several advantages. Mostly everyone is familiar with one another and it makes it quite simple to plan out what we want to do by being as open with you all as we can be. We like to see what you are all interested in, and we hope to follow your interests even more as we move into 2020 and beyond. With that being said, I think it’s time to officially announce our plans for the next main 200cc event we plan to host.

Our Next Event

We reviewed the responses to the survey that was sent out a few weeks ago. What we noticed? Almost every single response had shown interest in the idea of another 200cc UML. When we hosted it for the first time, it had an excellent turnout for us, much better than we anticipated as a matter of fact. Being able to have a total of 80 players spread through eight different teams was truly unexpected for us to say the least. Moreover, contrary to what most of us initially thought about having a bracket, it went pretty smoothly. Because of the success that came with the event, we have decided that it would only be right to host the second official 200cc UML!

We knew that if we were to host another UML we would want to shake things up a bit, so we decided on a different format...sort of. Our idea is to run UML pretty similar to the 150cc tournament, Agility. It must be emphasized that matches will not be eight races, as they would finish way too quickly. All matches will be 12 races and will feature track bans since we want to test the idea and think it would be interesting to implement into 200cc matches. I think we are all aware of how certain tracks are very easy to frontrun, and implementing this into 200cc matches could make matches much closer we feel. The main point in trying this is that we wanted to try something new and this is an option we think could be appealing for everyone.

Another feature we will be including, similar to the previous UML we hosted, are MMR rewards for all of the players who competed in one of the top three placing teams. The awards are as follows:

1st Place: +750 MMR
2nd Place: +500 MMR
3rd Place: +250 MMR

Please note that this applies to 200cc Lounge, so if you are playing in this event, we encourage you to join. This is not only for the MMR if your team places in top 3, but also so you can practice for the event if you'd like. Here is the server if you would like to join: https://discord.gg/8nFkGa6

Further Information & Sign-ups

With all of that out of the way, we want to announce when we plan to hold the draft, in addition to the first match, which you can expect relatively soon. The draft is planned for January 25, 2020, at 2:00 PM EST, and the first match will be February 1, 2020, at 4:00 PM EST.

The number of matches expected to be played depends on how many people sign-up, so stay on the look-out for an announcement confirming that.

Announcements will be done in our Discord server, so please join if you plan on playing in this event: https://discord.gg/eje9dRB

Please sign up like you normally would with any event here on MKCentral, (only your name, we will sort you into your teams after the draft takes place) If you are able to be a captain for this event, please mark "Yes" under "Can host" so that we know who is interested. For this event we are prioritizing anyone who was not previously a captain, so please do not hesitate! However, in the situation where we do not receive enough reliable captains, we will gladly welcome anyone who was a captain in the previous UML to go again if they would like. So, if you know for a fact that you can be a captain, please sign up even if you were a captain for the previous UML event.

We encourage anyone who is interested to consider playing. I can't speak for everyone obviously, but during the last event, it seems like every team had fun in some shape or form. Keep in mind also that the more people we get, the more we can do with the event. Let's try to do even better than we did last summer. If you have any further questions you may contact me or any of the other 200L staff.

But that's not the only announcement for today.

Future Plans & Conclusion

In addition to hosting the second 200cc UML, we have also begun to consider what we plan to do moving forward. 200cc UML is only one event, but we are fully aware that it cannot be our only event. Another choice that was very popular in the survey we sent out was another season of 200L, so what we decided in advance is that immediately once we get the time after UML finishes, we will host Season 4 of 200L. This would be the first time since June of 2019 that we've hosted a 200L season, and we hope it is successful so that we can continue to run it in the future. From what we have seen, there have been a few teams coming back around who have shown interest in playing again, and especially if multiple people selected it as a potential option for events they are interested in, clearly there are hopes for it to return and we want to fulfill those wishes.

It cannot be stated enough that none of this would have been possible without your effort during 2019. You were the ones who made this possible, and hopefully, we can continue to keep this community running strong. We are looking forward to the future with what we have in store for the rest of 2020, and we certainly hope that you are as well. Thanks again for everything guys. None of this would be possible without you and we hope that we can continue to host events like this one as time goes on. We hope you all have a wonderful 2020 and a happy new year!
- 200L Staff
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Hey everyone, we had a quick change in plans that we need to announce since it concerns the time of the draft.

The time of the UML draft has been changed from 2:00 PM EST to 4:00 PM EST.

If you signed up as a captain, please confirm your status with 200L Staff so we are aware of who to choose for when the time comes. Just a reminder that it is absolutely mandatory to attend the draft if you end up as a captain, so please make sure that you'll be around before confirming with us. Thank you!

As for all of the players: thank you to those who have signed up so far! When accounting for everyone, we are currently sitting at 67 players, but I am sure we can do even better. Sign-ups close on January 25th at 1:00 PM EST, so you have plenty of time if you are debating on signing up. Our goal at the very least is to hit 80 players, and I know we are definitely capable of that, so please do not hesitate!

If you have any further questions, feel free to DM us.