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[B14] Fénix 525 - 439 Pirate hackers ✓


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I closed the room after first race cause ph only had 3 players in room.
Ph repick royal raceway
Several DCs from ph

First race

Final race

Red DC at 3rd race

Again Red DC and Ember DC at 4th race

Mega joined at 5th race and bot played

Glitch DC at 7th race and Ty joined at 8th race



Pirate Hackers
Media Staff
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Yea pretty rough on DCs for us. This is our breakdown:

Red ends with 13 pts in 4 races
Mega ends with 57 pts in 8 races

Ember ends with 24 pts in 4 races (DCed in the middle of DYC and Royal)
Bot finishes 12th with 1 pt on RWS Race 5
Night ends with 33 pts in 7 races

Glitch ends with 31 pts in 7 races (also repicked Royal for -20 penalty)
Ty ends with 40 pts in 5 races (Sub for Glitch)

(edit: I just organized it this way, because Red and Ember both dced at the same time so Mega and I subbed for both of them so the table is correct. Mega got in a race before me as the bot played).

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