Hi, I'm here to present you a bot that me and Cadoizz worked on. He started it doing his first commands and I join him after to add many things. Thanks to him I started this and I hope help some people with it. Thanks to Raph too, he gots many good idea and got some more.

Here is the link to add the bot in your server : Invite Bot

The bot has three command:
- the dispo war command: That we like to help us doing our disponibility for war.
- the tt command: That we use know to register our time on a map and saw everyone times.
- the settings command: Where you can change the prefix of the bot ( c! at first ) or the language ( FR and EN available )

Every command has their help option if you are lost, but it's pretty simple ( of course I code it and I'm using it :rolleyes: )

The dispo war command :
You can also use c!war vacances -> send message from 14h to 01h
Send multiple message in the channel and add bot's reaction to each one of them. Usefull to keep track on which one can play or not.
We advice you to create a proper channel for this bot, this way you can check if u are 6 really fast.
Care the bot's reaction is still on sometimes, it can bait you.

The tt command :

Here you can see the map Sunshine Airport and our time ( don't judge too much =p ).
This a command that I create cause I was bored to check my time directly on the game. So I took some times and create the database.
One of the most precious advantage is that everyone can fill their time and you don't have to do your google doc anymore. This work only by discord server so every server has his own database. You just have to invite the bot, do "c!tt create", and you have your database open.

It is pretty simple to use you just note the map and your time after like this "c!tt <map> <time>". I used the english nickname of the map, I assume everyone know them but if you don't, like me, c!tt maps will show a image of all the maps and their name.

There is many options and you can use c!tt help to look at them.

I will present some other command:

: Look for you or for the player you are looking for and show your/his position on everymap. This works by ID, and the tags works but not everytime. Don't ask why, I'm still looking...

c!tt stats: This one is to challenge some people, this will be a classement of all the server. It will display the average rank of everyone and the lowest score is the first. To avoid some abuse, I added to the average, the number of people in the classement, for every map missing.

Here everyone that misses a map got added +30 for every map missing :p

There is many more command, and I recommend you to look at the "c!tt addlist" that allow you to add multiple maps with one command. But it's not really easy but you have a help option that indicate everything you need to know.

The "ni" option :
There is another type of data for the shroomless time, you just have to type "ni" before any sub-command present here. You have the same option but another stats if u need to keep track of these time.

You can copy your time from other server. But only yours !
There is some command to manage the bot and you need to have the right to manage_message on the server to use it.
You can add objective to everymap on the server and there is also a Bonus objective for the best =p
You can delete someones times if needed, and some other option.

Just to give a view, Raph opened a discord server about TTs where the bot is used. It's a french server to get our country classment. You can see it right there :Server TT

Thanks you for the reading and you are brave to be there. I'm open to any offer of amelioration and you can send message on discord : Jantipietro#8272.
Don't hesitate if there is any problem also and there is surely many in my translation...
You can also join me if you want more language in the bot. This is pretty simple to add I just need some translator. Contact me.


Media Staff
You want something like : a number to 1 to 12 with AM or PM after ? ( not sure i can do it easily without destroying our ones, but i can look at it)
Yes, it would be nice to bave a setting to swap to times for american players. So from 2 to 12 pm.
Yes, it would be nice to bave a setting to swap to times for american players. So from 2 to 12 pm.
I will add it to just the c!war vacances commands if you have the server in english. The reste will still add "h" after any hour you puts in the command, seems okay ? ^^