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Welcome to my Player Hub!
My name is CraxX and i'm a 20 year old student from Germany. I've always been avid in Mario Kart, that's why i finally convinced myself to join this community by playing the game competitively and i'm enjoying it a lot!
Although i'm only playing 8DX at the moment, i've also played many other games of the MK franchise like MKDS, MKW, MK7 or even MK8U, but all of them rather casually. In general i'm dedicated to playing games out of the Nintendo or Sega universe, with Pokémon being the first one i've played competitively. Other games i play(ed) a lot are League of Legends, FIFA and Fortnite.

About me
As already mentioned above i'm a dual student (of business administration), who really likes to do Sports and Gaming in his freetime. I always loved the feeling of unity at Team Sports and with my current Mario Kart Team Tempo Prestissimo (♪), i have that feeling at Gaming for the first time ever aswell.
Since i'm playing football myself at a club, this was exactly what i was looking for!
IRL i'm a very ambitious person, who wants everything to work out even if it seems impossible. Giving up is never an option for me and shouldn't be for anyone!

(flag:US) Acid Reflex
(flag:FR) Cézeu
(flag:US) Cone
(flag:US) Chrod64
(flag:IE) Dman
(flag:DE) Dustin
(flag:DE) Fayze
(flag:FR) Fresh
(flag:GB) James
(flag:FR) Kami
(flag:US) Ken
(flag:US) Qwacks
(flag:US) Shifty
(flag:DE) Squadling
(flag:JP) Tamanegi
(flag:US) Vestoga
(flag:US) yoshi24kobe

If you shouldn't be on the list, don't worry... I probably still like you, these are just the people i played most with:cool:

Team History
Tempo Prestissimo ( ♪ ) // Sep 12, 2022 – present
Comet Dash (『★』) // Oct 1, 2022 – present


Lounge stats
MMR: 4998 (Silver)
Peak MMR: 4998 (Silver)
Win Rate: 77.1

Friendcode: 0135-3465-9810 | Discord: CraxX#5008 | Twitter: in work
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