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[CWL] Season 2 Final Seedings


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Here are the seedings for CWL Season 2! The division threads will be posted on the site soon.
Threads will have to be posted in the correct division, (so if you are division 1 and do a match, you will post the results in the division 1 section)
A guide on how to post CWL results can be found here.
For all team reps, you recieved the cwl-captain role, you can talk in #captains in the CWL section in the MKTC discord.
We hope you enjoy Season 2!

Division 1: Bowser | Division Admin: @TromTendo
Elite Racers HTM
Elite Racers Taco
PNX Aqua
PNX Purple

Division 2: Peach | Division Admin: @Cobra
Assassin Drivers Sun
Elite Racers Burrito
Elite Racers North America
Elite Snipers
M3FR Pyranha
Proxima Gold
Rompe Combos PREMIER

Division 3: Toad | Division Admin: @LabatManoir / @Ryukano
Assassin Drivers Moon
Dynamite But Mobile
Elite Racers Tequila
PNX Green
Rompe Combos SHIELD
Thunder Racing Team Mario
Wii Elite Clan

Division 4: Yoshi | Division Admin: @Brandon / Mickey
Assassin Drivers Goddess
Elite Racers Queens
La Rebellion Red
M3FR Thwomp
Rompe Combos TRICK
Sweet Cake
Team Racing
Thunder Racing Team Peach

Division 5: DK | Division Admin: @GoHuFlame / @Dad
Asphalt Champion's
Diamond Rebels
Femme Kart Gang
Furor Latino
La Rebellion White
M3FR Noshi
Speed Masters
Team Titan​
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