Division 10 - Standings & Fixtures

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Last Update: March 25th, 2019.
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Final update is done.

I added the individual scores for everyone below the schedule.

I really wish to congratulate LATIN KART for winning Division 10. You guys got an excellent record of 7-0-3, and you finished 6 pts ahead of 2nd place (FuZion), so we can say that you guys deserve it!
Speaking of FuZion, congratulations to them as well for getting a 2nd place while getting 1-0-4 after the 1st half. That recover was amazing.

Kev03's Gamers and Team Luxembourg ended up getting 4th and 6th respectively. Thank you Kev03's Gamers for finishing the season even that season beginning was very rough, I am very happy that you guys found a way to finish the battle! Thank you as well to Team Luxembourg for showing consistency once again. You guys are very fun to have around and I appreciated the clear reports during all the season. You should not feel ashamed at all for finishing 6th, because finishing last with a 4-0-6 record isn't representative at all. Congratulations to Sam who has shown consistency during all the season. You are my personal MVP for the season!

Unfortunately, Team ok forfeitted too many times (3 times) so they got disqualified. Hopefully you guys will think about what causes these forfeits, so you can come back stronger in future events.

I won't talk about SPLASHERS. Having the two leaders leaving the clan during the break is such a lack of respect.

That being said, feel free to hit me up (or any staff member) if you have questions regarding the next events, and stay tuned!

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Sorry about that Felix, Its just that Aketx went to ID because they need new members and Trausti went to SH because he felt that he need the support. Again sorry for that, hope you do great in Season 7 of MKU.