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MK8DX LAN located in Cambridge, UK
4th-5th April, 2020

For this LAN, we will have two brackets available: Singles (1v1) and Doubles (2v2). Both brackets will run double elimination (also known as Winners and Losers). This event will use Wireless Play, so the rooms will consist of 8 players. Each player will be able to ban one track from being played in their round.

Entry Fee
£20 for a Player's Pass, £10 for a Spectator's Pass

Both passes will allow you entry into the building, however the Player's Pass will grant you allowance to participate in the brackets for prizes. If you're under 18, you may bring a parent with you for free. If you're not interested in playing MK8DX, purchase a Spectator's Pass and come meet new people. You'll be able to play friendlies and have fun! There are 32 spots open for players and 10 spots open for spectators.

Embrace II will be located at the Signal Box in Cambridge, UK. 50 minutes away from London's King Cross, and a 10 minute walk from the Cambridge station (NOT Cambridge North). Our venue is right next to an entertainment park which has restaurants like Nando's, Five Guys, and Subway. There's also a movie theatre, a bowling alley, and Travelodge in the entertainment park. If you plan on staying the night in Cambridge (recommended), Travelodge will be a place to rest your head but nothing fancy at a very low price of about £50 a night. Alternatively, the ibis hotel is right next to the Cambridge train station and has more hospitality but still budget-friendly. It's recommended to bring along a friend and split the cost.

TBA. We'll be updating this as soon as we can.


TO PURCHASE TICKETS AND FIND OUT MORE, VISIT US OVER AT https://newleafesports.com/embrace-ii/

Join our Discord server to chat with us and ask questions about the event!

Alternatively, contact any of our admins:
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